Lakia Harris is a proud KIPP Indy alumna who is currently a freshman at Providence Cristo Rey High School in Indianapolis.

KIPP Indy is thankful for our partnership with Providence Cristo Rey High School, where 30 of our alumni are currently attending. Emil Ekiyor, Providence Cristo Rey’s Senior Director of Community Outreach, Admissions, and Partnerships goes on to describe our partnership, “Students from KIPP Indy make up over 20% of the student body at Providence Cristo Rey High School. They come to our school ready for our academic honors program and prepared to excel in our professional internship program. We are excited about our partnership with KIPP Indy and the students and families that come to our school from KIPP Indy.”

What do you like most about Providence Cristo Rey High School so far?

I am learning and being challenged in school. Providence Cristo Rey High School reminds me a lot of KIPP Indy. The teachers really care and want me to be successful.

How did KIPP Indy help prepare you for high school?

KIPP Indy helped me by allowing me to shadow different schools. The KIPP Through College program was really helpful. The high school placement process really taught me a lot about responsibility.

What are your goals for this school year?

One of my big goals is to have a 4.0 GPA for Quarter 1. I also want to make the girls basketball team.

How have you changed since first coming to KIPP Indy?

I’ve changed a lot. One of the biggest things is that I welcome challenges now because I know they will make me better.

What are your plans for after high school? What do you need to do to accomplish those plans?

After high school, I want to go to college. I am not sure where I want to attend. I’m thinking Notre Dame but I need to do more research to see if it will fit my needs. I know that right now, I have to stay focused on my grades and be strong in reading and writing.