In this month’s Staff Spotlight, Matt Jackson shares what path brought him to KIPP Indy and what initiatives he’s excited to pursue as our Family Engagement Coordinator.

Tell us about yourself. What path has led you to joining KIPP Indy’s team?

I found my way to KIPP Indy through a partnership with our local community center, the Edna Martin Christian Center (EMCC). Before working for KIPP Indy, I worked at EMCC for 5 years as a Program Assistant and Camp Counselor.


Tell us about your role as a Family Engagement Coordinator. How do KIPP Indy’s Core Values drive your work in this role?  

The Core Values are a huge motivation to me as I do my work here at KIPP. Especially the core value of Committed to Community- I work hand in hand with families and the community in my role. Everyday when I come in, I am thinking about what I can do to help our families and community so that our students have the very best support system around them so they can focus on their achievements in class.


The start of a new school year always brings renewed energy and excitement to our school community. What initiative(s) in your work are you most excited for?

I am excited to begin planning some fun events for our students and their families that they can attend later in the year and share in their KIPP pride.


One question we have been using to influence our work this year is “how are we centering the experiences and perspectives of our students and families?”. Tell us how this question informs your work with KIPP Indy and EMCC.

I would say I center our students by trying to keep a strong relationship with their parents and guardians so that if any obstacles do occur in our students’ home lives, KIPP can be there to help and support in any way so the students are not impacted in the classroom.