Academic Results


At KIPP Indy Public Schools we are committed to ensuring our students are on the path to and through college. In order to maximize our support for all of our students we are dedicated to utilizing data to drive academic growth in all content areas.


The NWEA MAP tracks growth in all content areas for KIPP students. We are proud that during the 2014-15 school year, our students exceeded one year of academic growth across all subject areas.


Average Growth by Subject Area:

  • Reading: 1.27 years
  • Math: 1.61 years
  • Language: 1.69 years
  • Science: 1.72 years


In 2014, KIPP Indy students passed both portions of the ISTEP+ exam at a rate 23% higher than students at the district middle school serving our neighborhood and 14% higher than the district elementary school.

We Believe in College Completion For All

No other program in the city maintains relationships with and provides resources to current students and alumni throughout their high school and college careers to ensure college graduation. Our KIPP Through College (KTC) program does.

Young adults with only a high school diploma are approximately 4x more likely to live in poverty than those with a bachelor’s degree.

Earlier and Longer

Our greatest impact occurs when we reach students earlier and serve them longer. The percentage of our students passing ISTEP+ generally increases with every year spent at KIPP Indy. Both daily and annually, our students begin earlier and stay longer than district schools.