KIPP Families – In alignment with our community partners, including IPS, KIPP Indy has finalized its plans to re-open for those who selected the in-person option for Q3.  Based on the number of families who selected the full e-learning option, KIPP Indy will be able to offer in-person instruction five days to all K-10 students who selected the in-person option.  For all K-10 students who selected in-person, we will NOT have to implement a hybrid schedule, and classrooms will adhere to social distancing standards and all other MCHD guidelines. 

In order to offer this more expansive in-person option, KIPP Indy will re-open for in-person instruction on MONDAY, JAN 25.  While we recognize this is four school days later than originally communicated, we will use the additional time to update our facilities and transportation preparations to ensure students can attend in-person five days per week.  For students who will ride the bus, we will mail bus stop information to families this week when we have received final routes from IPS.

In both the in-person and e-learning settings, we are fully committed to ensuring all students move forward academically, and we are thankful for your partnership.  For questions, please email





KIPP Families – Good evening, and thank you for finalizing your selections for Q3 this week.  In both the in-person and e-learning settings, we are fully committed to ensuring all students move forward academically, and we are thankful for your partnership.  

In the past two days, we have reviewed the most updated MCHD recommendations and have collaborated deeply with our community partners, including IPS, to solidify plans for re-opening.  In the coming days, we will continue to collaborate closely with the district to plan key services such as transportation, and we will finalize our plans by Tues, Jan 12.  You can expect to receive an update from KIPP Indy following the IPS announcement.  The earliest we will return for in-person instruction is Tues, Jan 19, with the possibility that the date could be later depending on the final IPS plan.  As always, our goal is to communicate in a transparent way, and you can expect to hear final details from KIPP Indy by Tuesday.





KIPP Families – Happy New Year! In alignment with MCHD guidelines, KIPP will offer in-person instruction starting Tues, Jan 19. There will also be a full e-learning option for those unable or uncomfortable returning.

All students will be defaulted to the instructional option they were in as of mid-November. If you do NOT want to change your selection, you do NOT need to take the survey.  If you would like to CHANGE THE CHOICE for your student or your student is NEWLY ENROLLED, use the link below to make your NEW selections by Thursday (Jan 7) at 8pm.  Selections are for Q3 (Jan 19-March 12).

Safety remains our #1 priority, and based on survey data, we will finalize plans to instruct and transport students aligned to MCHD guidelines by Mon, Jan 11. This may include a hybrid schedule, and to maximize social distancing on buses, we ask families, based on their ability, to carpool or walk.

Please read KIPP’s updated re-opening plan below.  If you have questions, email