Emerging Leader Spotlight: Gretta Sharp

The Emerging Leaders program at KIPP Indy Public Schools supports excellent teachers in strengthening their leadership skills as they take on more advanced responsibilities in and outside of the classroom. Emerging Leaders participate in formal professional development designed to improve their ability to work effectively with others while working on a school-or region-wide project aligned to their career interests. Learn more about Dr. Gretta Sharp’s project as a 2022-2023 Emerging Leader.

What is your role at KIPP Indy?

Math Teacher at KIPP Indy Legacy High School

What are the details of your Emerging Leaders project?

I am creating a blend of a coaching/mentoring model that incorporates Boyatzes & McKee Intentional Change Model and Nelson’s et al Transformational Emotional Intelligence Model, which includes Appreciative Inquiry for BIPOC Women, new, and existing staff members.

What do you hope to achieve with this project?

It is my hope that the development of this framework will assist in development of whole, emotionally intelligent educators who understand the necessity of appreciating and affirming their scholars through inquiry; recognizing when a scholar is appreciated and affirmed, they increase in value.

What motivated you to pursue this project?

As I was working on my dissertation, several of people I interviewed recommended the program to me; after consideration, I realized it would be an amazing opportunity to incorporate what I have learned on my dissertation journey.

How will this project help our region See all Students?

As educators begin to reflect and see their real self and identify their ideal future self, it will allow them to also see the potential and power that lies within each of our students through appreciative inquiry.


We are so grateful for the insight and perspective Dr. Sharp brings to KIPP Indy Public Schools and congratulate her on completing her PhD program!