Emerging Leader Spotlight: Joy Green

The Emerging Leaders program at KIPP Indy Public Schools supports excellent teachers in strengthening their leadership skills as they take on more advanced responsibilities in and outside of the classroom. Emerging Leaders participate in formal professional development designed to improve their ability to work effectively with others while working on a school-or region-wide project aligned to their career interests. Learn more about Ms. Joy Green’s project as a 2022-2023 Emerging Leader.

What is your role at KIPP Indy?

First Grade Teacher and Behavior Interventionist at KIPP Unite Elementary

What are the details of your Emerging Leaders project?

As part of my Emerging Leader project, my vision is to identify, develop, and pilot service opportunities for our staff who support our Martindale-Brightwood community, students, and families.

What do you hope to achieve with this project?

I hope to create a project that brings our Team and Family together to support our community. I also want to create an opportunity for families and students to learn more about community opportunities and career choices.

What motivated you to pursue this project?

My passion is service in the community and helping to better the lives of people around me. It could be me or my family one day in need of help.

How will this project help our region See all Students?

The project connects our core values of “Committed to Community” and “Team and Family.” We come together and meet each other where we are at.


We are so grateful for the insight and perspective Ms. Green brings to KIPP Indy Public Schools.